4Story: my best item contest

4Story announced that best item contest has been commenced today. The total reward is 375$ game money and the winners will be selected with the most votes from 4story community. This event can be certainly considered to be a clear opportunity for uses to show their upgrading and enchanting performance with showing their best weapon or armor that they have exerted themselves utmost to get from the beginning.
Event Detail
Take a photo of one best item you own (weapon, armor or accessories of your choice) and upload it in the screenshot section of 4STORY website. 3 winners will be selected with most votes.

Event Date
12th ~ 29th of March (PST)

Only 1 item per account can participate the event. Uploading more than 1 screenshot will automatically disqualified. Item participating must be manufactured. GM will compare the image with actual item so please don't try any photo shop.

· First Place: $200 Cash points
· Second Place: $100 Cash points
· Third Place: $75 Cash points

Check here all you need to know about 4story. And visit its official website.

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