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Zemi Interactive announced to MMO lovers that the previous level limitation has been extended and according to that additional scenarios and maps been updated as well. And it is expected the new update will be a positive turning point to inspire high level players.

First, the level limitation has been changed from 68 to 80 and a new mission area has been added up according to it. The mission area is a battle district to competitively accomplish a given mission between the two races. And various maps and quest have been prepared and the area targets on 71~80 level users and new rewards are waiting for players as well. One of significant mission is based on War against each race and it will lead more interactive game playing between users.

The new content updated on 7th of October and it is expected that so many 4Story users can enjoy the massive 4Story’s fantasy world. Also Zemi Interactive is planning to offer these kinds of special updates constantly for MMO lovers.


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