4Story: highly qualified new tutorial dungeon

4Story announced that the brand new tutorial dungeon has been introduced today. This update is to be a clear opportunity for users to comprehend the philosophy of the game. With the first look, it has been discovered that it is tastefully laid out with highly qualified NPCs and gorgeous background artworks.
“4story's new tutorial mode will allow new players to learn how to play and gives chances to practice important behaviors throughout the game. It is fascinating when you look over how all modes are designed, which will remind you of those of newly introduced high-end console titles. At the end, it will encourage you to be resolutely determined to be one of heroes in the continent of Iveria before you know it. This is global server. All users always have high expectations from it. Our creativeness never stops.” said the chief marketing manager of Zemi Interactive, Daniel Choi.


Check here all you need to know about 4story. And visit its official website.

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