4story: Coliseum update

4Story, announced that the brand new showdown system update has been introduced today which called “Tournament Update” where fascinating players can compete each other 1 vs 1 or Party(max. 7 player) vs Party in 32 different spectacular coliseums. In addition to this, other players who failed to have a chance to show their strength and honor in a coliseum can be one of spectators. And they also join the event that enables them to achieve not a few game money when the player or the party that they voted wins after each matches end. This has been designed to give an opportunity to users to be a hero or a spectator in a crucial warfare in a restricted area. Developer, Zemi is fully confident that all MMO fans will love it the most. 
1. At a glance in 4story tournament (1 time a month)
- 3 types available : Party showdown / Unlimited Individual showdown / Classified Individual showdown
- Winners’ Rewords : Party showdown winner – 70,000 game point
Unlimited Individual showdown winner – 10,000 game point + Highest level item
  Classified Individual showdown winner – 5,000 game point + Highest level item
2. Application fee & Clearance for Showdown
     Application fee : 3 Rune to be paid (If the player fail to get appointed as a player, 2Rune 700Runa will be refunded. 300Runa is commission)
To get clearance : 1200 merit point to be paid (Merit point can get earned by winning daily territory warfare)
3. Requirement for participants
1st pick players: Highest ranked 16 players in the last month’s cumulated merit points will be chosen for the starter
2nd pick players: Allocated to the showdowns that lack the quorum after starting players determined. (Random selection)
Party players: Participants can choose his/hers companies for the showdown.
4. Tournament Schedule
    (1) 1st pick player selection: The first Monday in each month
    (2) 2nd pick player selection: The first Tuesday in each month
    (3) Party player selection: The first Wednesday in each month
    (4) List of showdown revealed: The first Thursday in each month (5 PM)
    (5) Admission: The first Thursday in each month (6 PM)
    (6) Showdown: 10mins for each Quarter final / Semi final / Final. Showdown will end at 8 PM
5. Coliseum Info.
- The total number of coliseum : 32
- Each coliseum has 4 different portals (1 for participants / 3 for spectators (S seat – 800Runa / A seat – 100Runa / B seat – 100 Cron))
6. Spectator Info.
- Every users other than showdown participants can have a seat in the grandstands with paying portal fee.
- They also can enjoy the event to predict the winners on each showdowns and can get a certain amount of money from the cumulated portal fees when their prediction is right.
- They can buy and use cheering kit which is supposed to raise up their favorite player’s HP live. 10 HP point on each cheering kit.
- To conclude, all users can cheer their favorite individual players with helping them directly and can get lucky reward as well.

Check here all you need to know about 4story. And visit its official website.

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