4story attending G-star ’09 and new gameplay trailer

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Zemi Interactive Inc., a developer and service provider of famous free to play MMO 4Story has announced today that they will be attending the largest game expo, G-star 2009 in Pusan, Korea. G-star is one of the biggest annual game expo and numerous game developers and publishers are gathered from all around the world. This year, G-star will be held from 26th to 29th of November, for 4 days in Pusan, Korea.
Zemi interactive has successfully launched ‘4Story’ worldwide covering 15 countries of Europe, Asia, and North America, accumulating half million active users. Zemi interactive has put continuous effort to extend its business to meet MMO lovers worldwide.
“Our main focus for G-Star 2009 is to find partners in 3 special regions to complete our portfolio. We still have few sits available on our ship to come aboard. We will be reviewing the partnership model with potential publishers of Middle-East, China, and South-East Asia. We have done excellent with our current partners so far and we plan to do the same in the future.”, said the CEO of Zemi interactive Vincent Hwang. 
4story’s brand new exciting game play trailer can be seen by following this link.


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