3vs3 PvP tournament in GodsWar Online

With World Cup Soccer fever spreading all across the world, the GodsWar team is getting in on the fun with their latest 3 vs. 3 PvP tournament. Below are some tips for you.
Preliminary Rounds
Preliminary matches will take place on each server/server combo. A certain number of teams will be selected from each server/server combo based on rankings. Winning teams will advance to the final rounds of the GodsWar Cup. No substitutions will be allowed during a match. If a team’s reserves try to access the match venue during a match, the team will be penalized three points.

Event Rewards
Participation Rewards: Super healing potion * 20, Pet Exp Potions
Qualification Rewards: Magic healing potion * 20, Exp Potion (8 hrs) for each player
After the qualification phase, the GodsWar Cup will move on to the final rounds, with one team eventually raising the trophy in victory! Please log onto the Event Server before the match. A single round-robin schedule will be used throughout this initial phase. The same rules as the preliminary phase will apply.

Event Rewards
The first place: 4,000 E-gold each
The second place: 3,000 E-gold each
The third place: 2,000 E-gold each
Participation prize: 1,000 E-gold each

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