32 nation World Cup cloaks for 4story


4story today revealed 32 fascinating cloaks of World-Cup participating Nations for celebrating World-Cup weeks. But, these are limited items until the real World-Cup ends. After that, you will be one of the players who will obtain seasoning rare items on 4story world.

"In global game server, what could be more perfect than a nation flag cloak? The possibilities are endless. Just think of all the different nation flags representing your nationality you can try on by tossing one of these cloaks over your shoulders. This garment is a must for new costume closets and a great addition to a pre-existing costume collection in 4story. These developer's handcrafted standard style cloaks will be on sales only for 2010 world-cup period. Do not miss this chance" said the Chief project manager of Zemi Interactive, Hyunho Shin.

Check here all you need to know about 4story. And visit its official website.

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