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In most games, players who feel like playing a new character after leveling up an older one simply start over, but in IGG’s 2029 Online players can take advantage of the innovative rebirth feature to give their new character a leg up on the competition. Here are some tips to help players better understand and get the most out of rebirth.

Rebirth lets players try a new class, but with a twist. Instead of starting a new character like any first-time player, completing your rebirth quests gives your new character improved stats and skill points as compared to a normal Level 1. There are plenty of good reasons to create new characters, such as gaining a better appreciation and tactical knowledge of different combat abilities, getting another crack at quests, or gaining a deeper understanding of the game’s storyline, but with rebirth you have more than just your accumulated experiences to help your new character.

You can choose to undergo rebirth at any of three level milestones: Levels 80-84, 85-89, and 90. At each of these three tiers, players earn additional bonuses for rebirth. Players can choose to be reborn as early as Level 80, but by waiting until Level 90, you can maximize the attribute and skill point bonuses granted to your reborn character.

The rebirth benefits don’t stop there, though. Reborn characters can also use rebirth once they achieve one of the necessary level range triggers, and each successive rebirth stacks another set of bonuses onto your newest character. Since the game allows players to be reborn as many as five times, a new Level 1 character can start with some truly awesome attributes and skills. By going for a fifth rebirth, players get an additional 300 attribute points and 90 skill points, making a reborn Level 1 comparable to a standard Level 20 character.

To claim a rebirth bonus, players must first finish all rebirth-related quests and then quit the game and log back in to go through the character creation process anew. Players don’t need to delete their old characters, but will have to choose a new name for their reborn character. Reborn characters’ names are shown with a rebirth icon to let everyone know you’re not just some green rookie.

Though players need to start quests back at Newbie Trainer Karl again, newly reborn characters begin exploring the world through veteran eyes, with stats and skills that reflect their predecessors’ achievements. Monsters and PvP opponents beware!


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