2029 Online: Races and points distribution

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To get the most out of your character in any MMO, you have to plan for the future. 2029 Online is no different. If anything, choosing the best way to distribute skill points is more important than leveling itself. A high-level character whose skill points are scattered without rhyme or reason has far less of a chance to fulfill their potential than one that benefits from a well thought-out strategy. If you’re looking for advice on how to focus your skills, here are some tips for each race.


If your weapon of choice is a rifle, you can’t go wrong by increasing your Burst skills to the cap. Your attack prowess will certainly grow if you set aside points for maxing out EM Grenade and Burst Grenade. Human characters typically suffer from having underwhelming defenses, which puts them at a disadvantage in a showdown against Dryads. To overcome this drawback, add points to your Freeze skill so you can freeze a boss mob or a PvP opponent for a while and turn the tide.

More than 30% of characters in the game are humans, and most of them use a short gun as their weapon. If you meet another human in PvP, improving Burst and Ice Bomb to the cap and splitting up several points among Therapy and a variety of defensive skills can help you come out on top.

As you advance, keep an eye out for skills that will help you level faster. Sometimes it helps to boost a skill that will be most useful right away and come back to others later.


When a Dryad engages in battle, they tend to set the standard others must overcome. Their proficiency in melee combat is second to none. If you enjoy wielding a sword when playing solo, you will have an advantage over your opponents if you max out Fistfight and Courageous Action. A high-level Dryad should add some points to Entrapment.

Cannon is another popular choice for specialized Dryads. Players often prefer to become proficient in both cannon-related skills and assistant skills. If you have enough points, max out Positioning Blow, Artillery Impact and Diversion skills and add several points to Courageous Action, Muscle Envy and Drastic Change.

E. Elves

At first, everyone joked about the funny way E. Elves walk, but their laughs soon turned to terrified screams once players found out how formidable an E. Elf elemental attack can be. If an E. Elf character wants to bust out a powerful striking stance for combo attacks, fireball is a must-have skill. When battling boss mobs solo, having Burn and Meteorite at the cap comes in handy.

In a PvP scuffle, Electro Shock and Energy Shield will help you earn more than your share of victories if you push them to the cap. Then you can have the last laugh as your opponents lay defeated at your feet.

Of course, you may find variations on these strategies that work best for your play styles. Whatever path you take, your character’s fate is in your hands. Choose wisely and someday you will be feared and respected far and wide, as newbies come to you begging for advice.


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