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Supremacy 1914 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online real turn strategy game made to run in your browser where you are the leader of a great nation where using diplomacy or sheer force you can become a sovereign leader of the entire continent. In rounds that last between four to eight weeks you play on a map of continuously shifting territories, sweeping across the map against players and sophisticated AI.


  • Units move over an history map of Europe in real time

  • Grab provinces, make diplomatic alliances and trade needed resources

  • Intelligent and sophisticated AI enemies

  • Play as one of 30 different historic nations

  • In depth espionage system

  • Earn a number of achievements from ranks, badges and more than 10,000 parallel rounds


Set in WWI Supremacy 1914 puts you in charge of your own army where you must build your economy, alliances and army if you intend to survive. Lead your forces onto the battlefield and become the ruler of Europe.


One of the most important features in the game is Morale, a delicate system that is engrained through all aspects of the game, from the motivation and strength of your troops, the well-being of provinces and the speed of resource production. Morale is gained and lost through many different factors such as province upgrading, waging war and what your resource supplies and availability are like. This calculation is determined by examining your entire province network, and neighbouring provinces will also impact it.

Morale also determines the points scoring for the index of power which ultimately determines you victory or defeat, each day the target moral is calculated and the actual moral will over time reach that calculated value.


When a province decided to upgrade itself with a working factory then it gives the player access to advanced weapons, determined by the level of the factor, which essentially allow more advanced tactics which are much needed in the late game. The factory level also determines your production times, the higher the level in comparison to the level needed for a specific weapon means the time taken decreases significantly.


The three required resources in Supremacy 1914 are Food, Energy and Building Materials, all of which are necessary to build a successful empire, all of which are available on the European map. When starting the game each player controls a country that consists of 12 provinces, each of which has a focus on one of these resources that is then distributed throughout your nation.

All of a nations resources are consumed and produced automatically, easily monitored by the income rate of a province and your nation. When used up your nation falls into a deficit and the missing resource will have a negative income that reduces your morale and ceases production on buildings until the resource is brought back up.


The premium currency in Supremacy 1914 is Goldmark, which can be used to unlock special features in the game that otherwise cannot be used, and whilst these features aren’t essential they do definitely give you the edge against other players that could be crucial for being victorious:

  • Espionage: As well as the normal options for your spies you have the option to hire as Master Spy as your espionage HQ, which means you can gain spy reports instantly instead of waiting for daily spy reports.

  • Gold Rounds: Gold Rounds offer different features and special units and you can either create your own Gold Round or join a pre-existing one by spending 5000 Goldmark.

  • Propaganda Campaign: Using this feature you are able to spend 500 Goldmark to increase a cities moral by 5% if it drops below 100% with a simple hover and mouse click on your city.

  • Production Speed-Up: Spending 1000 Goldmark you can reduce the time for of a factory’s production by 12 hours, accessible from a number of easy to find locations.


Internet connection.

Website: Supremacy 1914

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Supremacy 1914 game

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9 Comentarios de Supremacy 1914

  1. JR

    While over all it would be a excellent game for any Arm Chair General, good graphics/smooth, fittings for the era (the Great War), it has a serious flaw that most other F2P games do not suffer from. In many business models for MMO, they have set up stores or other means of collecting revenue, but have balance the art so that paying for items or features do not put one player above another. Supremacy 1914 does not do this. You can easily load up on Goldmarks and force your enemies to their knees with Revolts in all their provinces, boosting all your own morale to 100%, instant buildings. Its a know issue that has been brought up since 2008 according to their Forums, yet they believe that it is better to have all the Free Players quit leaving only the hard core Paying Players left. So beware in some of the games you will need to drop serious cash to stay competitive.

  2. Jeff Cav

    Basically you have to pay to be competitive. Others use goldmark (purchases in-game currency) to buy instant buildings, units, and so on which can destroy even the best gameplay of a person not shelling out cash.

    It’s a fun game, but beware this is an issue. They would be better off instituting a subscription service for those who don’t want to be beaten up by what is essentially a financial crutch.

  3. Bionoman

    the MODERATORS in supremacy1914 are biased ***holes that ban you for non chat rules related things.

    They will ban you just for talking.

  4. LeSwamp

    Good game. Too bad they decided to get rid of Java for HTML5.

    The HTML5 version has a lot of bugs :

    1. the number of unread messages never goes down, only up, even after you have reviewed everything multiple times.

    2. Sometimes, clicking on an ennemy unit or group of units will select a completely different stack, again and again, even after reloading the page multiple times.

    3. Sometimes a unit or stack of units will simply ig nore your orders…

    4. Still some older players (in terms of playing the game for a longer time) are still able to play the Java version of the game. And when you talk about the HTML5 bugs, they just tell you : Oh, I don’t have these problems, I use the Java version!

    The Java game that earned a prize in 2009 is gone… The new HTML5 version still has several bugs.

  5. LePlaines

    This game is sort of rubbish. The RNG is all over the place. One troop will hold out against seventy for several hours in a town which has been seiged for a day and has 40% morale, a singla defending artillary will inflict nine casualties per turn on troops striking a beachead -not the claimed double 1.5 which is what they say should be the mechanic. . .

    Its stable, it has depth, its comprehensive, but it is just way to random and punishing unless you sink in cash to balance things.

  6. Bob Flintrock

    I played it for a while, took a year off, and resumed playing recently. It is more buggy, resource & unit production varies as much as triple from game to game, and no one writes in the newspaper or barely even answers diplomacy or trade requests. As mentioned, only coiners really enjoy it. Don’t bother, because it is addictive, but not worth the irritation. You will burn many hours watching as you never have enough of anything.
    It could be a great game, but as usual – greed doesn’t allow it to happen!

  7. Douche

    I have been playing the game for quite a while, although with a major break. Gold usage promises huge advantages, but I have seen it surprisingly little used.

    In more than 20 games I have only observed one manifest case of buying advantages: One friendly player complained about someone else being a “gold player” and surprisingly appearing railguns. An hour later my (later) ally had himself two new railguns.

    Without buying gold – but by spending by far too much time – I hold up quite well. I suppose it might be different in alliance matches, but in normal games frequent online presence, good tactics and “wise” diplomacy are enough to win.

  8. assa

    AVOID this game heavy P2W,its like gambling.

  9. assa

    Avoid this game.
    You can buy almost everything for real money.
    One of the heaviest p2w games.

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