How Free-to-Play is Star Conflict?

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In Star Conflict players command their own spaceships as mercenary pilots of the future, hiring their skill and service to powerful corporations seeking to dominate a distant sector of space and control both territory and resources. With PVP focused battles between rival player factions, combined with an open world sandbox and PVE quests against both corporations and emerging aliens, the game has a lot to offer as an action space third person shooter. The publishers say the game is free to play, but after we have put it through our test we shall see just how free it really is.

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Does it require purchasing?


The game client can be downloaded for free from the official website

Does it have monthly subscription fee?


There’s no monthly subscription associated with the game.

Do you have to pay for expansions and/or DLC packs?

'Yes (but…) -5%'

There are downloadable DLC packs through Steam or the official game website, but these bundles provide players Premium ships as well as various perks and boosts, but no actual alternative content that free players would be unable to access.

Are there micro-transactions? Can you buy stuff in-game with real money?


The micro-transactions primarily come in the form of Premium ships, purchased using the premium Galactic Standards currency, which offer slight boons to gameplay but no major advantages when compared side by side. Premium Licenses also provide players with extra rewards after matches as well as having max synergy with Premium Ships to learn how to handle them more quickly.

Do micro-transactions give advantages in any way?

'Yes (but…) -5%'

The primary difference between Premium and Non-Premium ships is that players need to build up a ships’ “synergy” before they are able to purchase non-Premium ships, purchased with in-game credits. Premium Ships however, purchased with Galactic Standards (which themselves have been bought with real cash) give players instant synergy so they can fly these higher quality ships quickly instead of having to build up synergy with them. Similarly Equipment and upgrades for ships can also be bought using Galactic Standards, meaning that the advantage is more than just “convenience” at times.

Is fully UI customization restricted?


There are no options to customize the UI.

Does the game give access to all available ships?

'No. -15%'

There are no races/classes but there are various ships, however, some ships are “Premium” only ships and can only be purchased with Galactic Standards/ real world cash.

Does it have any limitations to the use of the 'Auction House' (in-game market)?


Trading between players is not currently permitted for any account type.

Are inventory slots and/or personal bank slots limited in any way?

'Yes. -10%'

Premiums ships have increased cargo holds for flights in attacked sectors and some DLC packs give increased or max level Warehouse storage for modules and weapons that free to play accounts lack.

Can you access all the zones and dungeons?


All areas within the game are accessible and not limited by a paywall.

Is High-end Content (PvP or PvE raids) restricted?


All content in the game is available to all players, including the primary game modes for both PVE missions, PVP skirmishes and Corporation battles.

Can you fully enjoy the game without paying a single 'penny'?

'Yes' + 10%

The game has plenty to do and is an enjoyable action space shooter, whilst there are slight advantages and major conveniences for players willing to spend cash, it is not to the point where there is any major imbalance with the game.


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  1. Rennie

    I think that the full warehouse storage is available to free players, however you need to use blue credits (free in game currency) to increase the amount. This means that the DLC pack simply gives you instant access to full warehouse.

    Also, you have misspelled “ships” in one of your headings.

    Weapons and modules *upgraded* with GS gives more synergy but no additional advantage over normally upgraded weapons.

    You can buy certain modules only available with GS that give advantage in the Attacked Sectors, for example, Spacial Scanner (find invisible containers for blueprints (also found in victory loot) or high credits items) or Extended Hull (+3 cargo space per module on any ship with 1 or more hull slots).

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