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Perfect World Entertainment




Forsaken World, developed under codename Project EM and previously announced in China, is a new 3D fantasy, free to play, MMORPG that breaks new ground by bringing together the best of eastern and western cultures.


In the beginning only two gods existed, Dyos and Nyos. They were the rulers of all, and wielded power to create and destroy as they saw fit. Dyos discovered a world, and named it Eyrda. It was a bleak place, with only a giant tree stretching from the sky to the land. Dyos discovered a giant star-wheel on the top of the tree, and within it were countless sparking stars. To his surprise, Dyos saw that these were portraitures of gods! he only only found his own image on it, he also found the like ness of Nyos and many other gods.

During the following of millions of years, Dwarves, Humans, Elves and Stonemen were created. Each race had a unique beginning: Tytan needed a short but industrious race to mine for him so he created Dwarves. Humans were created by Illefue who, by replicating Vyda's appearance, created a race for western Ousta. T hought he pretend not to care, he secretly loved the race that bore his resemblance, and he taught them many ancient secrets. Illyfue created Elves in his own image and he put them in the forest to become his servants. Stonemen were carved by Tytan. A strange race that contains only men, they generate descendants with the Stone of Birth.


Stonemen are the strongest and bravest race. They are a fearless race, proud if their strong bodies and tough skin. They always rush to the front lines. Their giant bodies reassure their allies and raise the morale of any army they fight with. Stonemen are not only natural born warriors but they are also good at smithing, sepecially casting weapons. Powerfulla rms are the best tools a smith could ask for.

Elves have talent enough to be arrogant about; they are elegant, clever and beautiful. In the world of Eyrda, there isn't a nobbler race than the Elves. They affinities to nature and pious faith to the gods make them talented fighters.

Dwarves are the oldest race of Eyrda, and they also are the most technologically advanced. They are short, have tough, thick skin, and are full of stamina. Wielding deft hands and excellent wisdom, digging and smithing are their strong points. Inventions of all kinds, especially fine machines, are their best tools.

In the world of Eyrda, a Human's adaptability, potential to learn, and charisma have led the race to a sort of leadership position amongst the world's inhabitants. After Shyntola was broken, Humans sailed to Ousta with the other races. They are specially close to the Dwarves, who share their love of producting things. Humans are natural born leaders.

The Kindred are very sensitive; they inherited their ancestor's character. They are willing to give anything for love. Kindred descend from humans, so most would never attack humans. But some Humans covet their immortal life, powerfull physique and perfect appearance, and this jealousy drives the races apart. In the world of Eyrda, the Kindred are the most isolated, united and arrogant, but also the most self-abased race.

Free from the blood curse that enslaved their kind for centuries, Lycan may battle as either Priest or Assassin. This bestial new race is capable of shapeshifting into werewolf form, which grants increased power and defenses.


When fighting in a group, Warriors are usually the nucleus. They are strong and posses superior fighting skills, always battling fearlessly. Their explosiveness encourages the vigor of the group, often determining the result of the battle.

They are brave and fearless, protecting companions from bodily harm in battle by taking the blows themselves. The protector has become an indispensable class in any team battle. Until the protector is defeated, they will do what it takes to keep their battle companions safe to the end.

Lurking in the dark and waiting for the perfect time to strike a deadly blow, an Assassin slinks. They don't have incredible strength or colorful magic, but yet their short swords cut an enemy throat in the blink of an eye.

With only the strength of their forefinger and the steadiness of their hands, the marksman can take out enemies from a distance. Their incredible range allows them to get many hits on an enemy before they ca be struck, and if left unmolested, the Marksman will overwhelm an enemy with accumulated damage.

The mage controls the power of the elements. They can condense magic elements in the air into various powerful spells. Though the culture of magic is dying out gradually, mages are still noble characters. No enemy wants to face the powerful magic they wield.

From the earliest battles, priests have played a part, channeling angelic transfiguration and healing. In a fierce battle, a priest's pious faith works to lessen the injuries sustained by their teammates.

Vampires' blood contains a life force of the great Vampire King. They are excellent at short distance of fighting and magic. They use their own blood in battles to release powerful magic or use deadly skills, and they can even use it to save a teammate's life.

Bard hold a harp, travelling all over the land, using their music as a weapon to hurt enemies or help teammates. Their songs are versatile and powerful, able to affect all who can hear them, and their repertoires are wide, making them very versatile in battle.


Exciting Occupations to choose from including: Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Collector, Arcanist, Botanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Bladesmith, Tamer and Alchemist.



Website: Forsaken World

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Forsaken World game

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23 Comentarios de Forsaken World

  1. nathan

    hey am will there be flying mounts in the game an would there be a wide range of mounts to choose from?

  2. MMO Reviews

    I’ll try to find out about!

  3. Doug

    this is a complete waist of time you need a bata key to play for like 2 1/2 months then if you did get a beta key and do play at the ent of the final phase (like phase 2 or 3) it wipes all memory of your characters

  4. Kris

    Doug, that’s what betas are supposed to do, seriously, anyone who isn’t completely oblivious and or ignorant should know that. Betas are to find bugs in the game, therefore improving the game on full release. Don’t play the betas if you don’t know what they entice. Stop crying, and just give up, please.

  5. Jeebus

    You are correct that betas are to find bugs to help improve game-play, but only there.This does not apply to Forsaken World.

    DOWNLOADING:- Huge file. Those with DL 128kps speeds can expect a lengthy download of 3 days.

    COMPUTERS: Those with high end computers can expect some epic lag, even in rooms with only 20 players. Especially the start zone when you start walking.

    LAG: Epic bad frame rates/crashes. Option- unseating some ram,dual-core processor… game simply runs bad on win7 64bit and
    XP 32bit on dual boot,Phenom II x4 @ 3.6ghz, 4GB RAM, AMD 6850 GPU,

    INTERNET:- Your internet will not affect FPS, it will affect your ping.

    FW ERROR:- GAME’S CODING is at fault. Chinese version still haven’t fixed this issue either.

    OVERALL:- Visually, sound wise, game-play itself isn’t bad, it’s the constant epic lag/crashes which is going to make you quit early on in the game.

    GMS:- Are offering you useless advice the majority of the time regarding the above issues. Issues like this are still unresolved in the Chinese version, as stated above. Nor do they look like being resolved in open beta. Good Luck.

  6. Matthew

    This game, in my opinion, is a 2.5 out of 5. Yes, this is a personal experience. The game is alright, but there is nothing that is new. The Vampire class is nice, but in your average MMORPG, you need to quest. There is a complete lack of that in FW. You spend an enormous effort just looking for the quests you need, which turn out to be something along the lines of ‘kill five chickens’. As much fun as this game looks to begin with, it’s not what you might call an improvement next to PWE’s bad attempts at games.

  7. Brian

    The OP are incorrect. I just was able to start playing the game on Feb. 23rd for their Phase 4. Anyone can play the game now and does not need a beta key. I have DIAL-UP and experience very very very little lag even when in I made it to the “real” world in the game where the majority of characters run around. So far the quests have been like most games where you need to kill a certain amount of monsters to complete but I mean that is what we all know is going to be in an mmo lol. The story is better than about 95% of f2p games I have played.
    I would give this game a 4.0 out of 5 based on my experiences so far. I am sure that at higher levels, the game will seem repetitive or boring but again, what mmo is this not the case? Side note- there are now PVP and PVE servers which is another huge plus in my opinion 🙂

  8. boko

    Same as other pw games so freaking small inventory space…and usual crap like that…

  9. charis29

    The game isn’t half bad. It’s easy to play, the graphics aren’t bad, and the classes are somewhat unique and fun to play. It’s nothing new, but if you’re looking for a free distraction this would be a good choice.

  10. charis29

    Oh yeah, there are plenty of quests to do and aren’t hard to find (there’s even a “Find Quests” option). It’s not that grindy and isn’t your typical PWE game.

  11. warmetalmike

    AWSOME GAME 10/10
    Must try your favorite class at least to level 25 to see if you really like the game or not
    my only complaint is the evenness of strength in the classes not really bad though still a great game

  12. oink


    Way to few class/race combos, only 1 race/sex tank option, only 1 race ranged dps option (except mages).

    Lika all mmorpgs today, alot of boring quest, no sandbox world :(, no big death penality.
    Big boobs and big swords, nice game for you youngsters out there!

  13. lag

    Meh, it’s kinda slow, I dont like the race-locked thing.
    I wanna Dwarf Bard…It’s laggy as a mother fucker in that main town, I don’t know I may quit, I’m just bored, it caught my attention because of bard, but it’s your typical cookie-cutting
    slow standing game with slow attacks…All these games require friends and shit, it’s so boring alone. It may help if your in a guild. And I’m sitting here running around for fucking quest at level 12, it’s basically talk to people. When do I fight?

  14. Arby

    This game as you near higher lvls becomes very very boring, the game makers are some of the greediest publishers i have ever seen in online gaming, You can expect to have to reach into your credit card for a LOT of money to be successful at high lvls. With every new patch they seem to want to grab more and more money from people. With the intro of pvp arena if you arent buying in with lots of dollars you will fail.
    With very small maps, a total lack of main quests at high lvls, big lag and disconnection issues this game is lacking any kind of help with being able to contact a GM ingame. having played for many months and trying several times to contact game support they never replied once to any of my enquiries.
    So if you dont want to have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to play this free to play game I would recommend staying away from this 1. Happy gaming to you =)

  15. Pyro maniac

    I dont really understand the rating for this. Is it mature or teen or what? I dont get it can someone explain it?

  16. Pyro maniac

    also from reading all the reviews and checking out the website I find it about 4/10 because it looks like it is kind of inappropriate and also it seems to have alot of glitchs and not much for players who wont spend the money on good gear. sounds like a waist of my time.

  17. FludMonkey

    ^^Who bases a review off of other reviews and a website?

    A little laggy, and not too exciting with no friends on line (that’s for any MMO though, eh?).

    Nevertheless, I’m having a pretty damn good time with it, can’t complain at all!


  18. laggy

    It’s not a bad game, just has some serious lag issues. It’s fairly fun with friends, as others have said, and its extremely easy to gain levels quickly once you know what your doing. Overall i’d give it a 6 out of 10.

  19. Nikita

    Is it free to play

  20. Nikita

    how do you became a bat in the game because i just can not figger it out

  21. Soulseeker

    Pros: Combat, story line and graphics are top notch, leveling can be extremely fast.

    cons: while the game is technically f2p, as with nearly all perfect world developed/published titles, the cash shop is practically required.

  22. JonnyPitiful

    Horrible game, not worth the download.

    Constant crashing for over a year. Load crashing ruins your daily instance runs such as GT and GL. Also ruins arena score. Known issue, has never been fixed.

    Auction house search crash. Known issue, has never been fixed.

    Why worry about botting? When it’s built into the game. No really, you can bot in this game, and its perfectly ok to run multiple clients and do so. Horrible idea.

    Cash shoppers are much more powerful. You can “farm” gems and gold to upgrade for years.. or just spend $1000-$5000 and destroy everyone.

    No level limit on armor quality, fortify level, or gem strength makes lower level pvp a cash shopper only arena.

    Rift is the same allowing only major cash shopped guilds to bid. Very poor balance.

    12v12 is the only random team pvp, but the rewards take months if not a year for War God set. Most of the time its filled with cash shoppers that make it very unfair and annoying.

    Wrath is annoying during pvp and forces you to collect yellow balls like you’re playing Pacman mid duels and fights.

    PvE is repetitive and very boring. Same quest every day. Very slow, boring and I found myself falling asleep and botting everything.

    Game has less and less players

    The skills are allll the same on every type of talent tree. Example, Ice Mage, Fire Mage, Wind Mage all use the same basic skills.

    Graphics are decent, but the game is CPU heavy (core i7@3.7ghz) and doesnt even warm my gtx 560ti. If you max graphics you crash everyone other screen. If you lower them, you crash less often, but still experience frame skip and need to reload client to refresh corrupted data.

    Tech support is the worst ever. The community is foul, unpleasant and childish.

    I have played Ferentus, Dialbo series, Guild Wars, and many MMO’s. This is by far the most cash hungry company that I have ever seen and suggest to check the BBB rating of F before ever spending a dime or giving them any of your time.

  23. FormerFWPlayer

    BEWARE OF THIS GAME… the retail version run by PWE is poorly staffed with little or no customer service and although the game itself is free… you’ll go bankrupt trying to max your character for anything competitive (i mean it, you can literally spend tens of thousands of dollars and not have maxed your character). Aria private server is even worse… they’ll welcome you with open arms, happily take your “donations” and never tell you that their server is over-run with CHEATERS using third party scripts/bots to re-id their gear for double and even triple crit damage or defense stats that are impossible for a normal player to compete with… AND… if you give in to the cheating and try to use a script/bot yourself… better hope you don’t get caught, cuz you’ll be BANNED… AND… forget about submitting a ticket or asking for help in their forum… if you mention re-id bots, they’ll delete your posts and ban you from their forum. It’s really too bad… this is a good game, run by crappy companies who just want to take your money. My advice… avoid this game at all costs and don’t waste a minute of your time or a cent of your cash here. Wish someone had warned me away three years ago… 🙁

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